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HCA News April 2015

What do the clients think?

Client Surveys

Home Care Alternatives is dedicated to making sure that we are always exceeding the expectations of our clients, and that is why the decision was made to send out client surveys. We want to know how well we are doing, and also be aware of areas that need improvement. HCA is happy to announce that so far we have had very nice reviews. These pleasant comments can only be made possible by the great efforts all the aides put in daily. THANK YOU! We will be continuing to gather responses and once all have been returned we will be able to get a greater understanding on how our clients truly feel.


"On Call"

Because of the nature of our profession, there is an on call line so that someone from HCA will be available in the case of an emergency (517-204-6048). Please be mindful that this line is to be used for emergencies ONLY. Issues that take place during your shift, any medical concerns, and instances where you are unable to reach your client at the scheduled time are all times to notify on call. Call offs can be made through this line, with the minimum 4 hour notice still being required. The 4 hour notice needs to be within a reasonable time of day, so calling at 4am to call off an 8am shift is not acceptable. Please be mindful when calling the on call, and use your better judgment when deciding what an emergency is and what can wait until regular business hours.


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