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Nursing Notes – Diabetic Care

A diabetic has special healthcare concerns when it comes to foot care. Diabetes causes damage to nerves and blood vessels in the foot. A tiny break in the skin caused from trimming toenails can easily result in an infection that can eventually lead to amputation. Diabetics have decreased circulation and feeling in their feet. They may be unable to accurately sense the water temperature with their feet, or even their hands if they suffer from peripheral neuropathy. To protect our diabetic clients, staff must follow these guidelines:

*Due to the elevated risk for injury to diabetic clients, HCA staff are forbidden to trim toenails, soak feet, or provide any foot care other than washing with luke warm water and the application of non-prescription lotion. Staff must also be careful to not put lotion between the client’s toes. Diabetic clients who need their toenails trimmed shall be encouraged to contact a podiatrist.

If you have any questions pertaining to your client or would like additional information on this please contact our nurse Tim Krzys at 517-489-3478.

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